Sergey Alexandrovich Tumanov Head of Division


Production of prototype models.

Performance of the repair-recovery and maintenance and repair works, improvements, and maintenance of aircrafts.

Aircraft improvement in accordance with the guidelines and technical documentation developed by SibNIA specialists on the ground of the technical state inspection or results of examinations and tests:Production of ground equipment.

Production of model and replications of aircrafts.

Production of general parts and products using MultiСАМ multipurpose milling machine with CNC series 5000.


Equipping An-24 and Yak-40 aircrafts with ASLK-2005 flight control equipment.

Inspection and recovery works on five An-2, L-29, L-6М, and L-6SB aircrafts.

Development and introduction of new, updated, advance, and cost-effective processes of aircraft repair and renovation.

Production of tooling for pilot aggregates and parts creation with further testing at flight test beds.

Production of the leading edge sections of the wing of Yak-40 aircraft from composite materials using the vacuum infusion technique for experimental examinations of the wing leading edge shaping on a flight test bad with the aim to provide flow laminarization and reduce induced drag.

Repair and improvement works on Su-33, Tu-204 and Sukhoi SuperJet -100 aircrafts during the performance of the repeated static tests.

Improvement of Tu-134А, Yak-18Т, L-29, and An-2 aircrafts, and Mi-8 helicopter for flight tests.

Production of a rig for testing aggregates of the Mi-8 helicopter hydraulic system.

Assembly and repair of rigs for the helicopter rotor blades dynamic tests.

Works on replacement of fabric cover and repair of sport aircrafts and gliders.

Production of I-14 and Po-2 aircraft mockups.


Outdoor advertising (banners, display letters, pointers, and plates).

Engraving on sheet materials.Polymer and composite materials milling and cutting.

Ornamental woodcutting, exclusive furniture components production.

Engraving of incrustations.

Production of thermoplastic cast molds.

Production of printing blocks.