Zaytcev Valery Urievich Head of Division


Researches of aircraft aerodynamic properties, improvement and upgrade of planes and unmanned vehicle airframe design at sub- and sonic modes, final adjustment of the local aerodynamics; research of the power plants (propeller-driven and turbojet engine) and aircraft frame aerodynamic interference.

Development, research, and aerodynamic design of high-performance aircrafts configuration including aircrafts with thrust-vectoring module.

Design studies, aerodynamic design, and numerical optimization of the advanced aircrafts aerodynamic configuration including aerodynamic design of high-lift devices.

Research of unsteady aerodynamic properties of aircraft and frameworks including high angle of attack properties.

Experimental and design studies of stalls, spins, and methods of the spin recovery including simulation of the automated handling improvement system operation.

Study of the aircraft aerodynamic properties in contingency and emergency situations using modeling of the control failure, airframe components destruction or icing including examination of motion pattern of the airframe components under destruction and the ice to evaluate probability of hitting air inlets of turbojet engines.

Development research and aerodynamic modeling of arrangement of the aircrafts making use of favorable affect of the land or water surface: flarecrafts, aerodynamic ground-effect crafts, amphibious aircrafts, and the aircrafts with short or contactless takeoff and landing.

Issue of aerodynamic evaluation reports for Light and Very Light Aircrafts.Industrial aerodynamics researches.