Works on certification of the single copy of GA aircraft (EEVS AON) as a technically competent independent Centre.


Study and analysis of the engineering, design, operating, and other aircraft documentation.

Development of the ground-based activities schedule with the aim to evaluate the aircraft conformance to the set EEVS AON requirements.

Evaluation of the common state of EEVS and discovering features of its structure and systems.

Aircraft strength (including retained) and endurance valuation.

Valuation of the aircraft control systems, basic blocks, and systems efficiency.

Execution of the ground-based, preflight and flight tests.

EEVS test flight schedules development.

Valuation of EEVS performance, take-off and landing, and handling parameters.

Evaluation of the aircraft conformance to the requirements set for EEVS AON.

Discovering features of the aircraft and its systems, as well as pilotage characteristics.

Setting operational restrictions for EE VS according to the examination results and entering such restrictions to operations documentation.

Preparation of all required documents (Acts, Decisions, and the Due Diligence Report) for the Applicant for obtaining the Airworthiness Certificates for EEVS in the certification authority.