Aircraft Aerodynamics ahd Flight Dynamics Research Division
Vladimir Leonidovich Chemezov Head of Division Ph. D.
Airframe Fatigue and Static Strength Research Division
Andrey Andreyevich Kargapolcev Head of Division
Information Technology Research Division
Onishchenko Ivan Vladimirovich Head of Division
Diagnostics and Industrial Safety Division
Krents Sergey Ivanovich Head of Division
  Aircraft Maintenance and Operation Research Division
Alexandr Andreyevich Kalyuta Head of Division
Acting Director Aircraft Dynamic Strength Research Division 
Airframe Thermal Strength Research Division
Viktor Ivanovich Bolotsky Head of Division
Flight Test Research Division
Dmitry Vladimirovich Filimonov Head of Division
Design Bureau
Vyacheslav Vitalyevich Pisarev Head of Bureau 
Production Airframe Division
Sergey Alexandrovich Tumanov Head of Division 


Moseykin Igor Alexandrovich Head of Certificate authority
Test-pilot 1-st class