Testing AN-2

In February 2012 in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Siberian Aeronautical Research Institute named after S. A. Chaplygin» tests of airplane AN-2 with American engine TPE 331-12UHR of Honeywell firm have alreasy proceeded with new five-wing screw HC-B5MP-5CLX/LM11692NX of American firm Hartzell. Honeywell firm  officials – Michael Selhay and Sergey Zhukov - observed of a course of the beginning of tests. 

Static ground tests confirm an expected pull of screw about 1500-1600 kilofram-force, which roughly  reflects a pull of screw AB-2 with engine ASH-62IR,  using in AN-2 airplanes.

The first test flights showed, that application of this combination of engine TPE331-12 and screw HC-B5MP has even more improved both runway and flight  characteristics of a plane. According to test pilot and Chief of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Siberian Aeronautical Research Institute named after  S. A. Chaplygin» Barsuk the plane plane became steadier and more controllable on regime of flight. However, more exact results and a rating of flight  characteristics will be received after processing of all data on termination of the program of flight tests.   

We need to point out here help and technical support of Honeywell firm employee Michael Selhay during the works of mounting of the screw on the plane. He  intended in connection with process of shaping, mounting, setting of the screw and engine accessory, actually participating in that process. Some rational  suggestions have been made by him during discussion of technical questions, connected with specificity of work of the engine, in particular, about  improvement of a design of engine work controllers.

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