Interra 2010

In the city of Novosibirsk from September, 23 till September, 25th has passed a youth innovative forum of Interra. According to the concept the forum is a platform for interaction of representatives of the power, business, scientific and expert community on development of decisions on introduction of the best innovative an expert in economy, management and social sphere.

Participants of a forum were Young experts – developers of innovative projects; participants of processes of innovative development of regions: Universities, scientific research institute, Technoparks, Manufacturing enterprises, Design offices; Experts in significant areas of innovative and regional development. Investment communities.
In total forum passed on 40 platforms in the different disctricts of the city of Novosibirsk and has collected more than 2100 participants from 37 countries.

The Siberian institute of aircraft has taken part in the Siberian International Congress of Innovative Business. The primary goal of the Congress is assistance to development and commercialisation of innovative projects in Russia. On the Congress, besides the participants who have presented the workings out, there were representatives of the power and investment funds.

The basic directions of the congress are:
- IT technologies;
- Power efficiency and the power savings;
- Financial technologies;
- An infrastructure.

Organizational participants shared on two sectors: an exhibition «the success Formula» - for the participants having innovative workings out introduced in manufacture (16 participants) and an exhibition "Innokross" - for the participants having the workings out in the form of idea or a prototype (53 participants). Participation for the Novosibirsk companies was free.

SibNIA took part in an exhibition "Innokross" with following workings out: akustiko-issue systems of not destroying control SCAD - 16.03 and SCAD – 16.07 (developer Stepanova L.N.).
To institute as to the participant of an exhibition, the stand 1200х2500 mm and a rack for placing of visual materials has been given. For manufacturing of posters in number of 3 pieces 1779 rbl. Besides posters at the stand have been spent there were the booklets received in department of marketing and the laptop, taken in department of managers.

In an exhibition operating time interest to subjects and works of institute has been noted from the various organisations of a city of Novosibirsk and the Siberian Federal District. The particular interest was caused by the information on tests of materials spent at Institute, designs and devices.
Are extended more than thirty booklets-leaflets with the information on offered innovations: systems of akustiko-issue control and system of recycling of heat installations and about twenty booklets about activity of branches of institute.

Representation of Institute and the short review of activity have been spent on September, 25th in Trading expocentre Manhattan on the main scene.
The Institute was included into an operating time of an exhibition in TOP-10 exhibitions "Innokross".
The estimation of innovative projects for company inclusion in TOP-10 was spent more than on 10 points, the cores from them are:
- Novelty of working out.
- Originality.
- Presence of legal protection of the project (object of intellectual property).
- Economic benefit of realisation of the project for the company.
- Social and economic effect from project realisation.

Certificate TOP-10 has been handed over personally by the President of Commercial and industrial Chamber of the Novosibirsk region JU.I.Bernadsky.
In connection with interest of businessmen and participants of a forum of Interra 2010 to works in the field of tests, an estimation of durability and a resource, research activity of Institute annual participation in the Congress and platforms of a forum of Interra, in particular on the platform the Siberian Innovative Convent tracing innovative workings out of young scientists is offered.

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