Scientific and Technical Council on completion of the 1 stage of the Research Scientific Work under the State Programme "Development of the aeronautical industry for 2013-2025"

At the end of October 2018, a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of FSUE “SibNIA named after S.A. Chaplygin" was held on the results of the 1 stage of the Research Scientific Work "Aerodynamic development of propellers and propfans with electric drive for transition aircrafts under the AR-23 (Aviation Regulations); computational research of the local airlines (LA) advanced aircrafts rational parameters, improvement of aerodynamic and flight performance of the LA aircrafts using power methods for incremental lift generation” (code “MA Complex”).

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Testing AN-2

Tests of airplane AN-2 with American engine TPE 331-12UHR of Honeywell firm have alreasy proceeded with new five-wing screw HC-B5MP-5CLX/LM11692NX of American firm Hartzell

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